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With increasing globalization and drastic change in the weather conditions, AC's have become an essential part of our lives today. But with AC's come the extra care one needs to take care of the AC service in Faridabad now and then.

As per the latest research, it has been concluded the indoor air is far more polluted than the outdoor air. Also, we tend to spend 80% of our time indoors in the Air conditioned rooms; it becomes essential to maintain the indoor quality of air in places such as schools, hospitals, colleges, offices, etc. For the same reason, people tend to contact the service centre, AC’s are extremely important to be taken care of regularly.

How does AC Repair Keep the AC to be a Brand New One?

  1. Regularly Cleaning: Like anything, one needs to be regular with the air conditional cleaning service as well. The three main essential elements of AC's are fins, filters, and coils which require regularly clean up. Such servicing of AC is required.


AC Cleaning Service for Filters ( Chauhanaircon AC cleaning services in Faridabad): Filters add up to the overall efficiency of the AC. The dirty filters contribute to blocking the air flow. As a result, the air that travels through these dirty filters tends to carry a lot of dirt which is transferred to the coil and affects the capacity of the coil to absorb heat. Hence regular AC service of the filters can reduce the energy consumption of the AC.


AC Repairing Services of Coils: AC has two coils, one is the evaporator coil, and the other is the condenser coil. A clean filter keeps the coil from not getting soiled quickly. To avoid the dirt to accumulate, it is essential to get the coil checked once in a year.


Coil Fins: The coil fins, which are made of aluminum material, are placed on the evaporator, and condenser coils are very flexible and can be bent and have access to block the airflow through the coil fins. A product called 'Fin Comb' is available in the market that can comb these fins back to the evaporator.


  1. Longer Life of the Air Conditioner: It is recommended to show your AC to the AC service center like Chahuhanaircon AC Service center in DelhiNCR at least once a year. Instead of spending a substantial sum of money on buying a new AC in every two or three years, one can save a considerable amount of money by just getting is serviced regularly. There are various online like Chahuhanaircon AC Service center in DelhiNCR available for the same. With such advancement in digitalization, the online market acts like a service centre where technicians are just a click away.


  1. Save Electricity Bill: An AC with more defaults and problems tends to take up more energy. More energy is directly proportionate to higher electricity bills. By just getting your AC serviced once a year you can reduce the AC energy consumption by 15% and reduce the electricity bills. By just paying a yearly AC service cost will help you spend on the electricity bills.

Why Choose Chauhanaircon All type chiller plant or  Ac repairing Service Delhi NCR?

Chahuhanaircon ac repairing services Delhi NCR, since years, has been providing all the services related to ACs. Be it from Fire hydrant system installation to repairing, Chahuhanaircon ac repairing services Delhi NCR acts as a one-stop destination.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Chahuhanaircon ac repairing and installation services DelhiNCR Becomes the Perfect Fit:

  1. AC Service Charges: Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in DelhiNCR don't believe in overcharging our customers. We charge a very nominal amount for services from our customers. We do believe that 'Customer Satisfaction' is more important than anything else. By charging a very AC service charge, customers feel comfortable to avail of our services.
  2. Pre and Post Service: Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Delhi NCR believe in providing a 360-degree service package to all the clients. We are pioneers in providing services for AC. We are just a click away for AC service online. We don't just help our customers in deciding the best AC for them; we also are with them through the entire journey, which involves:
  3. Installation of the AC through Air Conditioner Service Center: Although installing an AC is not a very difficult task; it does require experts help. Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Delhi NCR provide that help to the customers at ease.
  4. Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Centre: Our work does not end after Installation. Instead, our work starts after the installation process. We provide our customers with regular AC repair services Faridabad to help your AC remain in excellent condition throughout.
  5. Skilled Technicians: Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Delhi NCR technicians are individuals who have years of experience in this domain and are exceptionally qualified individuals. Our technicians are experienced in repairing all types of ACs such as Domestic AC's, commercials AC's, Industrial AC's, Hybrid AC's, portable AC's, Split ACs, etc.

The air-conditioning system which has been built at our homes has been set up with various complex combinations in such a way that the AC is made to deliver the temperature which you set it at. Most of the times, humans spend time indoors than outdoors, which makes it essential to have clean indoor air. During summers, AC's act like savors and the indoor temperature plays a huge role in making your lives comfortable in summers, where all credit goes to the air conditioner.

As soon as one encounters some issues with Air conditioner, the comfort zone of the individual goes for a toss. The reason for this can be the lack of maintenance of the air conditioner or additionally AC service price.

Here Are A Few Reasons Which Explain Why It Is Important To Service Your AC Frequently:

  1. AC Repairs and Services: Many times, to save the cost, we avoid getting our AC serviced. However, this decision turns out to backfire us at the end. Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Delhi NCR is a pioneer in providing the best AC service in India. Advice from them- We have seen customer’s spending money on any and everything, but when it comes to AC services, they feel very lazy and don’t take it seriously.


However, as soon as the summer strikes, the gas of every AC leaks. Do you want to be one of those who are sitting and sleeping in the room without AC, meanwhile your AC has gone for repair? No right.

It is always better to be planned. When one can do thorough planning for various other things in life, then why not the affordable AC quality service avail on time and be tension free the entire summers.


  1. Removal of Excess of Dirt: Like everything at our home needs to be cleaned regularly, why should AC’s be discriminated? Although these are the appliances which do not need cleaning every day, they do require cleaning at-least twice a year.


The AC’s has filters in them, which get extremely dirty if not cleaned. As a result of this dirty filter, the AC gives out the same air, which is full of dirt and pollution. There are times when a lot of insects are also found in the Air conditioner. Inhaling this dirty air can be very harmful to the human body and can lead to several diseases.


Instead, why not give your AC dry service regularly or at least twice a year to avoid living in such unhealthy air. As most of our time is spent indoors, our health is directly proportionate to the indoor quality of air which needs to be taken ultra-care about.


  1. Less Energy Consumption: Do you feel disturbed when you end up paying a huge electricity bill, especially during summers? So want to know what the solution to this everlasting problem is. The answer is fundamental, which is: Regular AC service and repair. Cleaning up the AC and fixing all its operations helps in reducing the energy consumption of the AC. Lower use of energy direct reduced electricity rates.  Home AC service cost is the very bare minimum and if done regularly does help you in saving a lot of extra fees.


Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in DelhiNCR has a mandatory checklist which all our agents follow. The purpose of this checklist is to give your Air conditioner best after-sale service in DelhiNCR and set all your incorrect settings, which lead to loads of problems.


Here Is Our Mandatory Checklist Which Is Followed By Every Agent For AC Sales & Service And It Includes:

S. No

 Mandatory Checklist


 Check the AC for the gas leaks


 Check the refrigerant of the AC


 Remove all the dirt, debris, and insects


 Check the suction line for a better fit of the air conditioner


 Clean the filters properly


 Check the voltage for the blower motor for smooth functioning


 Excellent overall AC Sales and services for a better cooking


Why Chauhanaircon AC Repairing and Installation Service In Faridabad Becomes The Perfect Fit For Your AC Service Shortly?

We have a very prominent AC service website, which mentions how we have been working with thousands of customers and have had the opportunity to provide our customers with AC free tension summers throughout. To make the lives of the customers easy, Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Faridabad provide AC service at home as well.

  • One needs to go to the website and search for 'AC service booking.' Once you had filled the form, the very next day, our agent will be at your place to fix your problem.
  • Our Air conditioner service cost is the most competitive in the market. Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Faridabad have always been known for charging the least of AC service cost from our customers.
  • One can dial the AC service center number. Hence, you can trust and consider AC Care India for the future.


Get the Best Services from Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Faridabad

Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Faridabad has emerged as one of the best service providers for AC in India. It involves all types of services, whether it is AC installation or after-usage services. The service is open to all the states and cities of India. Getting the comfortable and cold air in the summer season, especially after coming from the workplace, is the primary need of every person. Nowadays, it is quite easy to reach AC service centers with few clicks on mobile.



Features of AC Services

It has a unique solution for all AC damages. The customer service executives are helpful people and take you into proper remedy. AC Service Home is the initial objective for the AC installation. The experts are well-trained and usually deliver you the best product and satisfactory services. All you can get within affordable price. You will get assistance even for the services exceeding the guarantee period. It would not be wrong to consider it the best AC care of AC service India.

Chauhanaircon Domestic AC Services

Chauhanaircon Domestic AC provides you a comfortable lifestyle and set the cool breeze in your home at sunny weather. AC service near your home is all set to offer you the recommendable services at fewer prices. It is a golden opportunity among all the local marketers to sell domestic ACs with a large extent. Get the AC service number for contacting them if any issues come later.

Chauhanaircon Commercial AC Services

It is of huge demand and sales team provides the quick services if you get their AC service phone number. It holds numerous ACs for the retail stores. Generally, the exciting thing to observe is getting more customer satisfaction, both internal and external. With the best AC service providers, don't put any second thought of purchasing the commercial ac.

Chauhanaircon Industrial Need

For industrial need, don't delay to apply AC service request. You need some pre-approval of getting large scale AC services. As it is of great extent and long-lasting service, you will get enough discount offers to stick to this industrial service for AC. Get to know the AC service required for your sake. Book the service with the sales team with no doubt. The best is waiting for you.

Choose the Air Conditioner with Considering Few Things

Before opting to buy an AC for any sector, try to find Installation as well as AC service repairing. Many people don't have proper pre-existing knowledge about ACs. In that case, it is better to contact our customer care and FAQs on the website. Note that the cost will depend on the capacity, efficiency, and power usage. You may seek help from the AC service center like Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Faridabad to get a proper insight into the AC usage and how you can conserve the energy.


Enhance the Functionality of Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Ghaziabad

We all know that the lifespan of an AC is generally ten years. If you want to pursue its usage for some years, then go for Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Ghaziabad. The service is no doubt the best of all and the servicing agents are keen to gain people's trust. For more information and future reference, you may call us at AC services phone number. Our executives are there to help you resolve all types of query.

Book the Services In Correct Time

You must be sincere about the functioning of the AC. When you are not getting any refreshment of cold air, or AC produces residues, you have to think about its repair. Regular repairing of AC may decrease your electricity bill up to 40%. But be conscious of choosing the particular service because there are many fraudulent services providers will damage the functionality of your AC. Browse Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Ghaziabad online to get a clear view on how to proceed.

Take a view in the following table to know about the various AC services.

Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Ghaziabad

Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service in Ghaziabad India opens the door of all comfort in our life. Many types of equipment are there to beat the heat of summer, but none match the features of AC. In India, there are various models of AC, like window AC, ducting AC, central AC, etc. Get the help of air conditioner repair and service to know about the solutions of all the problems regarding AC.

Chauhanaircon AC Installation Services in Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad

Here all ac service you will get at the doorstep. You don't require bothering about anything. Just after purchasing the AC, you may expect the delivery and AC installation on the same day. You don't have to pay any extra service or delivery charge. Make a call on air conditioner service and repair number for applying the Installation, in some cases uninstallation services.

Chauhanaircon AC Repair Centers

In almost all cities of Delhi NCR, we have our repair services air conditioner. Get rid of the issues you are facing in the functioning of AC. You can raise your complaints about the faulty products if any, with the help of customer care. Either you can call or mail them in their official email id. We are here with you in every instant, and we won't let you leave worried.

Best Service Center

Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service make sure that you will get quality service air conditioner within your area. For any further issues or modification you need, you have to contact our customer executives. Because they are the only persons, who will promptly understand your concern. When you feel you need a vast modification, we will provide you cheap AC service with satisfaction.

Dust Cleaning Services

A newly added service is dust cleaning in AC. It is as a dry service of AC, and it needs proper care and maintenance too. The 24-hour service guarantee will make you tension free. Point out how well the AC is functioning. Whether it is disrupting or not. We offer the great professionals of the best Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service company in Delhi NCR

Industrial and Commercial Services

Apart from all industrial as well as commercial sectors has set the massive growth of central AC service. It has its supply chain in large scale. Where it has much importance on comfort perspective, it is equally essential on customer satisfaction. There is separate industrial and commercial AC to fulfill your purpose and take a step ahead in full AC service.

Why Do You Need AC?

Frankly saying, an air conditioner is a basic need nowadays, rather than a show-off luxury. In the summer season, your body dehydrates with sweat. That is why to make yourself calm and comfortable; you have to purchase AC. If you already have the AC, book AC service online for any further need. Many things you need to consider before buying an AC. All service providers are not of the same quality and guarantee. Get updated about the centralized AC service to know more how to choose AC.

Yearly Maintenance

Everything needs proper care and maintenance to function well for many years. For AC, it is even the same. Try to approach the home AC service, which will serve the purpose of proper maintenance. It is just a few clicks away to book an agent for maintenance and proper repairing. Generally, everyone knows AC's lifespan is ten years. Even you may enhance a few more years by choosing the best service of AC in India. It is the modified service in the list of servicing of AC.

New Installation Procedure

If you are thinking about the new AC installation, don't worry about the substantial procedures. It is just like a Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation doorstep AC service. Book the ac according to the cost, efficiency, and consumption of electricity. It may have other many features you may concern with our customer support team. Don't go for any explicit decision. Instead, take the advice from the experts and your neighbors who have previously used it.

The below mentioned table are shows you the various types of AC.

AC Type


Domestic AC

Only for household comfort

Commercial AC

For any company building block or mall

Industrial AC

To scale the AC service in the high range

Portable AC

For school, college, university lobby or any annual program it is useful


Here you have seen the tips mentioned above; you need to follow up to be aware of the solutions and services. We prefer Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service because of multiple reasons. AC services always need some expert hand, and it needs proper knowledge and guidance too. All the workers are well-trained in quality service, and they are ready for every situation. You will get adequate assistance, even after purchasing the product. That is the difference between other retailers and us. It is now the only solution for any AC related matter.

Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India Is A Solution to All Your AC Problems

With the increase in the heat level over the few decades, having an AC at home has become a necessity rather than a comfort. But having an AC also requires few services from time to time. Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India, a service center AC, is the solution to all your AC problems. It provides professionals who are to solve any issues regarding the repair or maintenance of an AC with their prompt service.

Few Common Problems with AC

 There Is A Leak In The AC: This is relatively a common problem faced by the AC owners. This tends to happen if there is any kind of blockage in the drainage pipe of AC due to debris that has been collected or due to tiny insects has been stuck in the drainage pipe. This results in an overflow of water from the drainage pipe, which could begin to fill the room. Therefore you need wet AC services to avoid such issues in the future.

Noise coming From the AC:  If you hear any unexpected noise from your AC the chances are that either the fan is damaged or the compressor is not working. This service of air conditioner could only be solved by an expert or a professional like Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India.

Unpleasant Smell Coming From AC: Sometimes, due to water blockage in the drainage system or due to mold growth, we experience unpleasant smell coming from AC. Therefore you need service of AC from time to time to avoid such issues.

Even with the AC, The Room Is Not Cooling: There could be several factors which could result in a room not cooling even after the AC is on. For one, the compressor might be damaged, or there could be mold growth, or debris has been collected in the compressor. Other reason could be dirty air filters. Such problems require AC cleaner service with proper knowledge and expertise.

Faulty Wiring: This could happen when there is an error during Installation. AC could be not functioning correctly due to faulty wiring, which could result in fire hazard, so it is imperative to take care of such problems instantly by an expert in the field.

Services Offered By Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India

Installation or Uninstallation of AC Services: Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India has branches all across the Delhi NCR, so if you are installing a new AC or moving to a new place, Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India takes care of it. The AC service price list will help you to know the charges of such services in a different area.

Wet AC Service: Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India helps you to take care of the AC by cleaning the AC from inside out. They help you to keep air filters and compressor clean, which are essential parts of the AC. Wet service of AC from the experts like Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India help you make your AC look good as new.  AC Wet service charges provided by Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India are of reasonable rates.

AC Equipment Service: Without the necessary equipment, the AC cannot function properly. So if you require a change of any material such as a compressor or air filter, Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service India provides such services with a quality product with reasonable rates.

AC Duct cleaning services: This service is also beneficial as it helps the AC to release hot air and improve the AC cool the room. If there is any problem related to ducting Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Faridabad is there to offer assistance.

Window Air Conditioner Cleaning Services: With split AC becoming more popular these days hardly any AC repair services provide window air conditioner cleaning services. But Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Faridabad is among the few who offer such services. AC cleaning service cost can differ due to the type of ACs.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Faridabad provides AMC services for its customers. The customer pays a small amount to the company where the experts checks your AC and see if it is working correctly or not and or if it requires any new parts.AC services charges are minimal in AMC.

Ac Repairs: All AC require repairs after being used for a long time. The repair could be anything like leakage or changing the faulty parts or merely cleaning. Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Faridabad provides various services, but the cost of AC service could vary depending upon the repair work required to be done. AC service Center price may also vary from place to place.

Reason Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Noida Is the Customers First Choice

  • Expert  professionals   are hired to take care of AC repair work
  • Prompt and quick service
  • Quality product
  • Reasonable rates
  • Friendly staff members

Types of Air Conditioner

Power Consumption

Split AC -1 Ton

984 watt/Hour

Split AC -1.5 Ton

1490 watt/Hour

Window AC – 1 Ton

1157 watt/Hour

Window AC – 1.5 Ton

1676 watt/Hour


Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Noida is one of the leading AC repair shops in the country. It is the one stop shop for all the AC repair work.  They cater to all the different types of AC, ranging from Window AC, Split AC, or Portable AC. Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Noida has branches all across India and through AC service cost India, one could know about the different AC service charges in different parts of the country. So go ahead and avail the services of Chauhanaircon AC repairing and installation service Noida services near you.